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TEDx style Talk Live in New York City - Speaker Salon 2021 - live audience feedback

TEDx style Talk Live in New York City - Speaker Salon 2021


Watch Shernaz's Big Talk in the Virtual Showcase in NYC with her signature talk
“Design Your Abundant Life Despite Crises”

Money Does Make You Happy - Edgar Jaehnel - Speaker Salon 2021 - Mentor for Leaders


”Shernaz was my mentor six years ago when I was working for a German company where promotions and salary raises were as seldom as winning the lottery.
She helped me realize that my life is not set in stone and that changes are not only inevitable but that I can direct any change.
This year, I asked her to mentor me again as I am now at a higher level in business and life. I am beyond grateful for her mentoring.”

Elena L.
Director Marketing, UK

” I followed Shernaz many months on instagram. I love her personal and business lifestyle. She was inspiring me on so many levels. And when I reached out to her last year, she agreed on mentoring and coaching me 1:1, and it helped me to skyrocket within the following months. The VIP day retreats are my favourite days of the year.”

Jennifer B.
Attorney, Germany

Design your Abundant Life Despite Crises



For many years I earned my living as a successful attorney on high salary, working 80 hours a week, including the weekends. And, I loved it. I got to travel, I worked with big players, negotiated big deals and won trials which made me and my clients proud. I am a passionate lawyer.

But the money I earned was not invested in assets and soon, with the start of my divorce process I lost a lot of it. Actually, I lost all that saved money within the 3 years.
Never before had I thought about how to get money other than through a job. I knew (or better I heard and read) about investing in stock markets and real estate, but it was like another language for me, difficult to understand and I had no time for another language. And, I had a great job with a high salary. It seemed that I needed that devastating life experience in order to understand that another income source would have been great.
That was the day, when I started to invest in the stock market (with a small amount of money) and within the next 3 years I got all my lost money back, ...even more than that.

The one thing I always wanted to do since then, was to give back my knowledge to all the other women, who are stuck with their finances, dealing with substantial life challenges and not knowing what's next, who can't just rely on their salary, who want to learn how to invest in the easiest way, without the obligation to read 20 books about the stock market, real estate or other investment options.

The money is available for you, too! You are worthy of all that money you desire to have, for yourself or for your family.
Let me show you how you, too can easily access wealth. No hustle, no extra job.
Become financially independent and live your life in the most epic way.



You think, you are alone?
You are not!

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Once you realize it is time to bend time and space to reach your goals faster than ever, you will also realize at the same time, that you need someone teaching you how to do that, someone reliable, fierce, and successful, who designed her abundant life despite crises.



VIP Retreats are additional intensive day(s) and are offered only to 1:1 clients at the end of each quarter. VIP days are meant to help you to skyrocket.

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Shernaz Jaehnel

Shernaz is an award-winning Attorney at Law with 15 years of experience.

She is CEO & Founder of various German and American companies in the field of Law, Data Protection, Compliance and Mentoring & Coaching. She is also an international Speaker, and a sought-after Mentor and Coach for Leaders, Executives & Rising Stars.
Shernaz worked for various U.S. companies, such as JUUL Labs, and well-known European companies, such as Herlitz / Pelikan AG.
In 2019, Shernaz and her legal team were awarded the „European Best Legal Team for Commercial Law“ in London, and have been nominated for the „Global Best Legal Team for Commercial Law“ Award in New York City. The award is given to outstanding counsels by Lexology and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Shernaz is also a mother and loves to travel the world in the most epic way.